Patient Testimonials

  • Before I started physical therapy, due to a car accident, I was not able to lie on my back. I had trouble standing up, lying on my right side and experiencing severe low back pain. Now that I have completed physical therapy, I am able to pick up my daughter without any pain, lie down comfortably, and stand up for long periods. A big thank you to the staff at Partners in Physical Therapy, and especially Michella and Jerrold for helping me become a stronger me.

    April T.

  • When my son started receiving therapy here about 4 years ago (age 4) he had difficulties with climbing (in and out of truck, up and down steps, up and down playground equipment, and he didn’t like for you to lift him up in the air). He didn’t speak up much when we started, he wasn’t potty trained, he had sensitivities to light, he had trouble wearing socks and shoes because they bothered him and he couldn’t put them on himself. He also could not manipulate buttons and zippers, spoon and fork because he had difficulties with fine motor skills and had poor muscle tone. He always shoved way too much food in his mouth, even if it wasn’t edible, and he licked everything. The list goes on. His meltdowns were huge and often! I am happy to say no longer has trouble with most of the issues and the rest have improved greatly!

    My son having autism not only affects him but everyone in our family and our community. Our quality of life has greatly improved since we started here. They don’t just provide a service, they provide hope for a better future. I can say that 4 years ago I didn’t know that the PIPT would change our lives the way they have, and I am so grateful for that. I have no plans for stopping his therapy anytime soon, the staff at PIPT are like family. They are kind, caring, polite, professional, and will work with your schedule and your payments. Come to think of it, they may be better than family!

    Dana, Bobby, Matt, and Maddi F.

  • I was in an accident requiring surgery. I never had any surgery before so I didn’t know what to expect. Partners in Physical Therapy helped me get back on my feet in a safe manner. I was on crutches and couldn’t walk well at first or go up and down steps and stairs. I get around much better now, and am improving still. I walk well and can go up and down steps and stairs again. I have returned to work also, still being smart and careful as I know ACL surgery takes a good bit of recovery time. I think my physical therapy went well. Thank you.

    Wesley R.

  • Where do I start to explain my sweet grandson’s problems which brought us to physical therapy. I first noticed that he was very destructive with clothing, blankets, and toys. He would put holes in his pockets and his socks and could not tell you why he did it. Sometimes he would even lie or deny doing it. Dante no longer does these things. Dante would do a lot of mumbling to himself and speak so softly that you couldn’t understand him. He couldn’t take any loud noises and he would zone out. His favorite things to say were “I don’t know” and “I don’t remember.” This too has also improved.

    He also was a loner at school and would shy away from any affection or love from family members. Today he is open to friends and is able to show affection to those that love him.

    This year in pt has done wonders for him and our family unit.

    Dante B.

  • I had low self esteem because of a botched knee surgery with swelling, pain and limping.

    Michaella and the stuff helped me considerably. I now walk better and talk better because I’m no longer depressed and grumpy complaining about my inability to function normally and enjoy life! My team was kind, considerate, understanding, sympathetic and compassionate in their quest


    Steve G.

  • Before physical therapy I was unable to walk, work, exercise and just enjoy life in general. The pain in my foot I was unable to walk, work, exercise, and just enjoy life in general. The pain in my was so bad, I was on pain meds and using a boot. After therapy I’m pain free and able to return to a normal functioning lifestyle: running, full day at work and hunting. I’m going to recommend Partners in Physical Therapy to all my family, friends, and coworkers.

    Larry C.

  • When I first came to Partners in Physical Therapy, I could not move my neck or arm, mop my floors, or put deodorant on without being in so much pain. It has been quite some time since I have experienced any pain. In fact, I can mop floors, dress myself and go on vacation without pain.

    Carolyn P.

  • Prior to my physical therapy, I was having difficulty walking without a limp, running, squatting, and beating up Super- Joe. Partners in Physical Therapy have helped me to recover these abilities and I now feel confident about my future in New Orleans.

    Bond S.

  • Before I started coming here I got in a wreck back in October. After my wreck it hurt to move. I could not put on my backpack on my back and I was having back spasms. It felt like there were needles in my back poking me every day. My back would get stuck to where I could not move at all. The only thing that would help was just lying in bed. After coming to physical therapy, I am now able to move wonderfully. I don’t have any pain whatsoever and am able to bend down with no pain and it does not hurt to put my backpack on my back now. I don’t have any spasms anymore and my back doesn’t get stuck anymore. I am able to do the things I use to do before I got in the wreck, I can even workout now!

    Megan F.

  • After coming in with severe sciatica pain this awesome staff got me moving with no pain. I can honestly say they improved my quality of life.

    Thank you Claire, Lauren and Michaella for putting me back together. You guys are the best!!

    Damon L.

  • Before beginning therapy, I was limping with foot and ankle pain and considering surgery. After learning exercises to strengthen the muscles of my foot, ankle and calves I have improved my overall mobility, flexibility and strength.

    I am no longer limping but much stronger. Claire and the therapists here always listened to how I was feeling and were able to pinpoint where to focus attention in my therapy.

    Claire S.

  • My baby girl started coming to therapy in early March 2016 at the age of nine months old. She had not started crawling and was not meeting her milestones, so her doctor recommended physical therapy. It is now the end of July and my girl is now exceeding my expectations. She went from just beginning to sit up at the lat age of 8 ½ months to walking and now climbing up on beds, chairs and even the couch in just a few short months of therapy. She is now 14 months old, and I believe she is caught up to where she needs to be, thanks to a very helpful team of qualified therapists. A very special thanks to Mrs. Windy for always answering my questions and making me feel like my baby was well taken care of during therapy.

    Jennifer and Amelia Mc

  • Before I started PT I chewed on non-edible objects excessively. I was also easily distracted by outside/ background noises. I am now capable of not being distracted and not chew excessively. I can stand on one foot and jump with better balance and coordination.

    Thank you Jerrold and Brennan!

    Clayton and Madelaine L.

  • At 2 months of age we were concerned about our son Daxon’s ability to hold his head and neck upright. We started with Partners in Physical Therapy and quickly began to see results. Mrs. Windy and Michaella, PT were his favorites. He hated his pressure points being touched, but learned to love it as he got older. He gradually started sitting up and eventually walking. We after thought that we reached our goals and Mrs. Windy would always say “He’s really close”. Partners was persistent in helping us reach his max potential. After a year of consistent therapy, he is walking like a pro. We are proud of where he is with his ability to walk and function. The entire staff has been phenomenal from the therapist to the billing department. We will continue to recommend friends and colleagues here.

    Thank you very much!

    Daxon W.

  • This staff is superb; knowledgeable and caring. With what I have done I can continue most of the work to continue to improving.

    Things are not totally as they were but a 100% better than when I started only in a few short weeks.

    My balance was out of whack and I was unstable when walking, they helped improve these.

    This will now allow me to start doing my nature and wildlife photography on long hikes and in my photo booth with confidence.

    Michael S.

  • When I first came in, my feet hurt me on the bottom all the time. I tried soaking my feet in hot water, I used ice packs and nothing would help. When I cook, I usually stand up a lot and my feet would hurt real bad. My husband would have to rub my feet every night and most of the time I would have to take some kind of aspirin before I would go to sleep.

    Now, I do not have much pain and am not taking as much aspirin as before. I have learned to manage my pain, which is a whole lot less.

    I am now walking every day, without hurting.

    Rosalie B.

  • When I first came I wasn’t able to sit for a long time. My sciatic nerve would cause my leg and feet to hurt. Also, I wasn’t sleeping all night. I had to take meds for pain. Now since I had therapy I no longer have pain in my leg or feet and also am sleeping all night. I can’t wait to go on long walks with my pups!

    Thanks to Partners in Physical Therapy

    Patsy R.

  • Before treatment at Partners in Physical Therapy I could not comfortably sit to watch a movie and sleeping was uncomfortable. I had dull, aching pain in my hip and low back. Additionally, there was significant imbalance from side to side in my yoga practice. Now, I can comfortably watch a movie while sitting, am pain free, and the imbalance from side to side is negligible. I am most grateful to Michella and the entire staff at Partners. I think I have worked with just about everyone and they have all contributed to my success.

    Kelley S.

  • I was diagnosed with a bone spur on my T-1 vertebrate. Because I was already in physical therapy for hip pain, I had been performing exercises that assisted with and diminished the pain I was having in my neck and upper back related to that diagnosis. The exercises I have been given for my pain from the T-1 issues are helping with the stiffness in that area as well. I feel I have reached a point in my therapy where I can continue the exercises at home successfully and to ultimate wellness.

    Jennifer R.

  • I wasn’t sure it was going to help when I started, but it really has helped a great deal. I was very restricted in my daily chores and jewelry making before and I am now able to do both much easier now. I am going to continue the exercises I was taught and hopefully continue to do better.

    Monica H.

  • In a parish far away there was a man born with super human strength after being bit by a laboratory spider. His one weakness was Kryptonite. His mother learning about thus deathly weakness to kryptonite dipped him in a Kryptonite repellant solution by his Achilles. After growing up and being challenged in a basketball game by evil monsters who were threatening to take over the world. Fortunately he tore his Achilles in the basketball game because it was his only weakness. He sought help by Partners in Physical Therapy after a grueling surgery recovery. He entered the clinic barely able to walk and left running, jumping, and almost regained his ability to fly. Partners in Physical Therapy have strengthened him physically and mentally to go and take down the evil monsters as they are attacking the Vatican City, Rome.

    Joseph C.

  • Before I started therapy here I was in a lot of pain and had trouble doing many everyday tasks such as laundry, dishes, cooking, and interacting with my family. I have learned to manage my time and remember to balance my activities in order to preserve myself for the most meaningful experiences. I am able to manage my scoliosis pain by completing exercises at and using a ball to do my own rebounding. I have learned to be smart with my time and sit down whenever possible to relieve pressure from my spine. I have also learned how anxiety and chronic pain are connected and have learned to manage that as well.

    Jennifer G.