Dante B.

Where do I start to explain my sweet grandson’s problems which brought us to physical therapy. I first noticed that he was very destructive with clothing, blankets, and toys. He would put holes in his pockets and his socks and could not tell you why he did it. Sometimes he would even lie or deny doing it. Dante no longer does these things. Dante would do a lot of mumbling to himself and speak so softly that you couldn’t understand him. He couldn’t take any loud noises and he would zone out. His favorite things to say were “I don’t know” and “I don’t remember.” This too has also improved.

He also was a loner at school and would shy away from any affection or love from family members. Today he is open to friends and is able to show affection to those that love him.

This year in pt has done wonders for him and our family unit.