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Partners is the KEY word in Partners in Physical Therapy

Partners was founded with the vision and hope of bringing together a partnership of exceptional healthcare providers in order to provide excellent treatment in a caring environment. That partnership also involves you, our patients and our community. We all need each other to make true healing and health a reality. 

Through our search for the best partners, we have found amazing physicians and other healthcare providers to work with. We have also found our key staff that includes specialists in physical therapy, occupational therapy, mental health, wellness, massage/body work, weight management, sleep problems and chronic inflammation. 

What we have discovered is that  in order to end up with the best care,

we need to provide comprehensive care!

Comprehensive care means more than just addressing the pain and limits that you feel BUT instead, identifying #1 the root cause of your problem and #2 identifying and addressing those things that may be stopping you from reaching your goals.

Have you ever known 2 people with the “same problem” and the “same treatment” but they ended up with different results??  That is because you are made up of so much more than your one “problem” that you need addressed. 

We have to ask, what areas need to be addressed:

  • Physical Health– what are your physical symptoms?  But just as important of a question is why are those symptoms there and where are they coming from??
  • Mental Health– is stress, anxiety or depression real for you? Your body can have physical effects from problems with your mental health and these things are super important to address as they can have a dramatic impact on whether or not you hit your goals. 
  • Function– what activities are you having trouble with? Improving strength and flexibility and even decreasing pain can be great therapy goals but it is necessary to tie those things back to function. By returning to normal pain free activities is how you ensure that your results will last. 
  • Weight– is your current weight a problem for you? Increased weight can impact the stress on your joints and simply how hard your body has to work.. but more importantly, increased weight usually means increased inflammation in your body. Inflammation is the bad guy in the room when dealing with chronic pain. We know how hard it can be to manage weight and inflammation, so we have tons of tools and coaching available to help you on this journey. 
  • Sleep– are you having trouble sleeping? When pain or stress are present, we can often see problems with sleep. Getting inadequate or poor sleep can impact your bodies ability to heal. We have partnered with the best in the business to help create a sleep program that works seamlessly with all of our other programming. 
  • Wellness– do you have a program that you love to help keep you active? Finding “that thing” that you love to keep your body active is important to your overall success. It is not the role of someone else to “fix” you forever but it is our job as healthcare professionals, to set you up and give you all the tools you need for success now and in the future. We have great options for finding that perfect program or activity that you will want to do every week and we can help you find that motivation to take care of yourself. 
  • Barriers– is there something stopping you from achieving your goals? Here is the beauty of a comprehensive and partnered approach… barriers exist, they need to not be ignored but instead embraced in a treatment model that looks for those barriers and works to address them so that you can live the life you want! 

Welcome and thank you for being a Partner 🙂