Erin McInnis

Erin MacInnes, MSW, LCSW

Erin received her undergraduate from Utah State University and Master of Arts from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. After years of public service in the nonprofit sector and training in human resources, Erin joined Partners in Physical Therapy as an administrator to address the human resource element of a growing business.  Her skills proved to be invaluable in further cultivating a supportive team environment.  During this time, she recognized a potential in the medical community to link emotional and mental wellbeing to patient outcomes.   Erin returned to graduate school where she received a Master’s Degree from Southern University School of Social Work.  In addition to graduating with honors, she received recognition from the University for outstanding leadership and academic achievements.   Currently, Erin is a guest lecturer for the undergraduate and graduate social work programs at Southern University as well as Tulane Medical School.   She holds certifications in traumatic grief counseling, Emotional Brain Training, hypnosis and bereavement counseling. 

Together, Erin and Partners in Physical Therapy have embraced the wellness model that recognizes mental health as an integral component to successful patient outcomes. Erin continues to work as an administrator as well as providing mental health services to our patients with chronic pain.