Freddie Ann Chandler

Freddie Ann Chandler, PT

Freddie Ann received her degree in physical therapy from LSU School of Medicine and Allied Health. She has strong roots in neurological rehabilitation and has been a pioneer in creating innovative treatment approaches to address complex orthopedic conditions by combining her neuro-developmental expertise with a deep understanding of orthopedic movement patterns.

Freddie Ann has also been instrumental in creating programs for children with autism in the Calcasieu Parish School System as well as internationally for individuals with disabilities. The American Association of Developmental Disabilities has awarded Freddie Ann the research award in the field of developmental disabilities in 2004 and 2013.   
With over 30 years of clinical experience, Freddie Ann has continuously sought to further her understanding of neurological rehab as well as advance her skills in the areas of women’s health and orthopedics. This passion for learning, advancing skills and a desire to meet the patient needs in the community led to the beginning of Partners in Physical Therapy. It is her vision that drives the mission and the focus of the practice. Each member of the professional staff has been specially chosen to support and advance the mission and vision of the practice. In its pursuit of excellence, Partners in Physical Therapy has teamed with universities such as Duke, Emory, LSU, and UTMB as an orthopedic clinical affiliation location for training of their Clinical Doctorate Students. Freddie Ann holds certifications as an APTA clinical instructor, in Emotional Brain Training and Sensory Integration.