Preparation For Reconstructive Surgery

Find Relief After Reconstructive Surgery

At Partners in Physical Therapy, we see many patients seeking rehabilitation both before and after reconstructive surgery for cancer care purposes.

Our Lake Charles physical therapists know how challenging of a process this can be, so we are here to help you, every step of the way.

If you have recently undergone reconstructive surgery, or you have a procedure planned, don’t hesitate to contact Partners in Physical Therapy today for your rehabilitation needs.

How can physical therapy help with reconstructive surgery?

The most common patients we see are those that have had radiation as part of their cancer care, thus resulting in difficulties with the tissues not being able to stretch. Fortunately, our Lake Charles physical therapists can improve tissue mobility, making the reconstruction process easier.

Additionally, we see many patients exhibiting symptoms post-reconstructive surgery that are in need of relief. Some common symptoms we treat at our Lake Charles physical therapy practice include, but are not limited to:

  • Pain at the surgical site
  • Inflammation and swelling
  • Fatigue
  • Limited mobility in the affected area
  • Numbness in the affected area

How can I get started on a rehabilitation plan for my reconstructive surgery?

If you are in need of reconstructive surgery as part of your cancer care plan, physical therapy can help. In fact, as stated by the National Institutes of Health, “As part of the rehabilitation regime, physiotherapy can assist in patient’s recovery after these reconstructive procedures.”

To schedule a consultation with one of our dedicated Lake Charles physical therapists, contact Partners in Physical Therapy today. We’ll get you on the path toward recovery in no time.