Sleep Comfortably Through the Night Once Again with Physical Therapy

People living with chronic pain, anxiety, obesity, and many other conditions can have trouble sleeping.

As stated by the National Institutes of Health, “Insomnia is a major source of distress to people with chronic pain; many of whom presenting for treatment want tangible help with sleep.”

Lack of sleep can be troublesome, as it does not help give your body an environment to heal, nor does it help your mental health.

It is no secret that sleep is a necessary part of life. There can be many causes of sleep difficulties and insomnia, and some need to be evaluated by a sleep specialist. However, there are also many methods that a physical therapist can perform to help you sleep better through the night.

If you are having issues with sleeping and/or insomnia, our dedicated team at Partners in Physical Therapy can help. Contact our Lake Charles physical therapy office today to learn more about our services and how they can benefit you!

How can physical therapy help with sleep quality?

Sleep is an essential factor in overall health and wellness. It is crucial to the ways in which our bodies function day after day. When pain results in issues with sleep, your daily life can be greatly impacted. Many people with chronic pain report that their sleeping abnormalities have interfered with work, activities, relationships, mood, and overall enjoyment of life.

Being in business for many years, Partners in Physical Therapy has noticed that sleep was a big problem for many people walking through our doors, and home remedies and even medication did not seem to help the underlying issue.

That’s why we decided to create our own sleep program that has been very successful in helping patients get better quality of sleep! This program includes anti-inflammatory techniques, gentle exercises, and cognitive behavioral therapy as deemed fit for each patient’s needs.

It can seem difficult to feel as if you are in control of your own sleeping schedule and patterns when you are experiencing sleep issues, and especially if you are also living with chronic pain.

People who are diagnosed with sleeping disorders tend to worry more about how their lack of sleep will impact their health, thus creating more toxic stress. They may also exhibit greater sleep sensitivity, making it easier for them to wake up to small environmental changes while they are sleeping (such as a creaky floorboard or a shift in sleep position.)

Fortunately, our Lake Charles physical therapists can provide you with the steps you can take to make sleeping as comfortable as possible for you, and try to make up some of the sleep debt you experience each night.

Ready to sleep through the night?

If you have been experiencing sleep issues, we can help.

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