TheraBand Exercise Bands

Get Moving with TheraBand Exercise Bands!

TheraBand has been an industry leader for many years. The company provides great resources for self care and home exercise programs.

Patients can purchase TheraBand products online or they can also purchase bands in our office! To learn more about TheraBand exercise bands and how they may benefit you, don’t hesitate to contact Partners in Physical Therapy today.

What should I know about TheraBand exercise bands?

TheraBand exercise bands have many purposes. They can help facilitate the healing process of an injured body part by taping the affected area during exercise, and they can also help improve physical function, regardless of your activity level.

These bands work by doing a few important things for your body. They can help in resetting the circuitry in the affected part of your body by correcting any faulty interactions between the skin and the muscles, joints, and tendons underneath. This results in an improvement of muscle strength and activity.

TheraBand exercise bands can also work by blocking any pain receptors being sent to the brain. If those painful messages aren’t being received, the muscles in the affected area will loosen up and the likelihood for spasms will significantly decrease. Pain constricts an affected area, but if the pain is taken away, there suddenly becomes more freedom for blood flow and movement.

Whether or not you are using the bands following an injury, these bands can help you reach a higher physical performance. In fact, as stated by the TheraBand website, “Whether you’re recovering from an injury or just looking to up your game we have the tools to get you back to greatness.”

Looking to add TheraBand exercise bands into your daily practice?

If you think TheraBand exercise bands could benefit you, our Lake Charles physical therapists can help you understand the proper use and placement of the bands for your specific needs.

To learn more about these bands or to purchase one at our clinic, contact Partners in Physical Therapy today!